Mjuk Mjuk is a neighbourhood spot for
soft gelato.

what’s so special
Mjuk Mjuk?

Our gelato &
sorbet are made
from scratch.

Everything that comes out of our gelato machines is made onsite, from scratch and by hand in our tiny kitchen lab. It’s a less common practice than you think.

We use the
best ingredients
we can find.

We use organic milk, cream, sugar and cacao in our mix. We also avoid E-Numbers in our gelato, sorbet, sauces and many of our toppings.

We’re always
trying to do
something fun.

It’s gelato! We think it should be magical and a little extra, so we’re constantly trying to make new, fun stuff for you to put in your face.

what’s on
this month

this month

Gelato Flavours

Fior Di Latte

Kersh Cold Brew


Raspberry Lychee Rose (V)


Torched Marshmallow

Toasted Almonds

Speculoos Biscuits

Mjuk Mjuk Brownies

Cornflake Crunch


Salted Caramel Sauce

Coffee Caramel Sauce

Dark Chocolate Sauce

more than


Hand-crafted sundaes loaded with toppings & sauce. The perfect guilty pleasure.

Friday Tacos

This is how WE celebrate #tacofredag. Our tacos are now available Friday to Sunday, every week.

Gelato Buns

Anything but traditional, we take kanelbullar to the next level with gelato, toppings & sauce.


Our gelato and Golden Cider Co’s amazing cider or natural sodas from Törst. Simple. Refreshing.


We have a secret love affair with locally roasted Kersh Kaffe. Whoops, it’s not a secret anymore, so come get some.

locations &


Hagagatan 37 is now closed.

Our 2021 Pop-Up is now closed.

Our 2021 Pop-Up is closed.

a soft rebellion
a soft rebellion
a soft
our story

Our tiny yellow shop opened on Hagagatan in 2019, but the story of Mjuk Mjuk goes way back. Our founder, Jeremy DiPaolo, grew up in Los Angeles before moving to New York as an adult. As a child, soft-serve ice cream (mjukglass) was his go-to, as it is for so many here in Sweden. But as an adult, the mystery ingredients of standard soft-serve—a product originally designed for maximising profit at the sacrifice of quality—were a turnoff. He was always passionate about finding good ice cream but was usually disappointed. So, he started to make it at home in his spare time.

Moving from Brooklyn to Stockholm in 2016 gave him a chance to try his ideas in the real world. So, he went to culinary school in Asti, Italy to learn the art and science (so much science) of artisanal Italian gelato. Jeremy started to apply the same rigorous artisanal approach to his beloved soft-serve and wrapped it in a playful brand evocative of his travels and past experiences. Mjuk Mjuk was born!

The machine doesn’t determine what gelato is and is not. It’s the recipe and passion that make gelato magic.

Our mission is to create soft gelato that is so creamy, so delicious, there is no going back to the mystery world of commercial mjukglass. We don’t try to faithfully recreate substandard mjukglass. We evolve it. It’s about taking everything forward, having fun and being a little rebellious. We do all this in our tiny shop, making our soft gelato from scratch with natural ingredients, based on Italian craft, with a California spirit that’s globally inspired.

We’re passionate about serving some of the best soft gelato around. We’ve already caught the attention of SvD, White Guide, Matgeek and many more in Sweden, and have been showcased in Frame Magazine internationally. But it’s you we look forward to serving. So come check us out and taste the difference.